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General information

yorapid is a licensed Crypto-Currency and mining trading platform. Secured with two-factor user authentication, multi-signature addresses & transactions and PCI DSS certification, the platform is efficiently delivered with comprehensive professionalism and meticulous attention to every detail. Trading currencies include BTC, LTC, USD, EUR, GBP and GHs. Mining capacities are provided by BitFury.

Professional Traders and Miners Choose Us

Best Market Prices
We guarantee a stable and favorable exchange rate for all trading pairs as well as a low fixed trading commission on all payment and trading operations.
High Levels of Security and Reliability
yorapid is in complete charge of client funds and personal information. We use a two factor authorization system to fortify security and eliminate the possibility of any unauthorized access. Our clients can easily track their account activity. The support team is always ready to help our clients in the case of suspicious activity.
Transaction Transparency
Our clients have continual access to all detailed information regarding all account activity and may track all activity in their crypto-wallets. We use a transparent trading commission calculation system when conducting transactions and other payment operations.
Simple and Convenient
The yorapid system can be used both by professional and novice traders. Our simple, user-friendly interface makes it easy to master the system’s functionality and start using all services to their full potential. Our team is constantly working on the development and improvement of the system. Do you know how to make yorapid better? Share your suggestions with us.
Professional Client Support
We are ready to assist you 24/7. Our client support team will deal with all your inquires and help resolve any issues you might come across when using the system. Polite and competent assistants are available through our inner system of client support via the site, skype, e-mail, and telephone.
Tools for Client Crypto-Currency Exchange Strategies, Planning and Execution
Our system offers live market quotes and up-to-date analytical data for traders to accurately evaluate the current situation of the crypto-currency market. We also have a flexible system of immediate client notifications, so that the client can receive all the up-to-date information regarding their orders via text message, email and in-site notification. We have also created a public API for connecting and managing trading bots.


yorapid effectively deals with the organization of crypto-currency exchange operations between system users. Our main goal is to make trading profitable, easy, simple and convenient for all our traders. We have given much thought and attention to each and every aspect of trading, including: the deposit and withdrawal of client funds, order placement and clearing, account activity and so on.

We Understand Our Client Needs

Stop Loss and Take Profit
yorapid has a special feature for automatic stop loss and take profit bidding. When placing an order, the trader can place counter-bids for the increase or decrease of the exchange rate. Such kinds of orders will come into action as soon as the primary order is successfully executed.
Auto and Limit Orders
We support two types of the orders: automatic and limit. Clients can set the exchange rate at which they are willing to sell or buy their assets (limit order), or go with the current market crypto-currency exchange rate (automatic order) and execute an instant trade.
Rate Change Precautions
Another yorapid feature for automatic orders: client funds are secured in the case of an abrupt change of the rate. We will execute the automatic trade at the actual price for this trading pair at the moment of order placement. The admissible price volatility on such kinds of bids is +-2%. The client can deactivate this precaution feature and sell/buy the funds at any price.
Trading Data
Clients may easily track the status of all their order and receive immediate notifications following a successful execution via the message system. On every order clients have, all data is readily available for review: sums, trading commissions, information on counter-bids and so on.
Order Cancellations and Order Terms Changing
Traders can quickly cancel open orders or change the terms of an automatic order: they may deactivate the limitations on the sell/buy at the actual price +-2%.
Unfunded Deals
We trust our clients and do our best to save their time. An order will be accepted even if the client doesn’t have enough funds to fully execute the deal. The order it will stay pending and will be activated as soon as the client has sufficient funds in their crypto-wallet.
Distributed System of Trading
yorapid uses a distributed system of crypto-currency trading which is perfect for high loads and has been specifically developed to promptly and efficiently process all our clients’ orders.


In order to start mining Bitcoin you don’t need to buy expensive hardware, install, customize and maintain it all on your own. You can buy mining capacities from yorapid and start getting immediate profit!

Convenient and Profitable

Our Own Mining Pool
We sell the mining capacities of our pool. yorapid is fully responsible for the hardware that clients rent from us, including the hardware’s maintenance and its continuous, uninterrupted performance.
Low GHS Prices and Maintenance Fees
Low GHS prices and maintenance fees enable our clients to get a considerable profit. Earning allocation among the holders of yorapid mining capacities is completely transparent. Clients can use our mining calculator to calculate potential earnings.
Daily Gain Accrual
The gain accrual is daily, and starts from the moment GHS is purchased. Clients can immediately sell or withdraw the earnings from yorapid. Clients are notified about every accrual and maintenance fee withdrawal. All information is saved in the ledger of past transactions which can be viewed by clients.
Mining Process Management
The process of mining is as easy to stop as it is to start. At any moment, clients may sell their mining capacities. No need to find buyers for hardware as in the case of starting one’s own mining pool.
Trading GHS
Clients can use GHS not only for mining, but also for trading, selling and buying GHS. They can profit from the volatility of the market rate as with any other currency, represented at yorapid.