Our clients get notified about all the important events that happen in the system. That enables them to promptly react to the changes and take timely decisions.

There are three main types of notifications:

  • System notifications about funds deposit/withdrawal, info on additional invites, user’s account, mining accruals, etc.
  • Trading notifications about your trading orders and the changes they undergo.
  • News notifications about yorapid special offers, new features, changes in the system.

The client can get notifications via:

  • Text messages(SMS)
  • Emails
  • yorapid message system
You can choose either one or several ways of being notified.

How do I get to yorapid message system?

To get to the yorapid message system page, you should select Messages in the top toolbar. There is a new messages indicator next to this tab, which shows how many unread messages you have.

At the yorapid message system you can look through your notifications, sort them by type, delete unnecessary ones or mark them as read.

How do I change the settings for notifications sending?

Go to Profile section of your user account. In Profile Settings select your preferable way for each type of notifications. You can also choose the language of your notifications there. On changes completion, click Save Settings.