To track your user account activity in yorapid system, go to User Account, History section. There you can find info on all the events, initiated by the customer.

The events are:

Event Description
login Logging into the system
logout Logging out of the system
registration Registration in the system
password_changed Change of password
phone_changed Change of telephone number
email_changed Change of email address
invite_sent Sending one or more invites
invites_ordered Order of extra invites
order_created Creation of a new order
order_canceled Cancellation of the order
funds_deposit Deposit of the funds to one of the wallets
funds_withdrawal Withdrawal of funds from the system
funds_withdrawal_request Creation of funds withdrawal request
funds_transfer Transfer of funds within the system
wallet_created Creation of a new wallet
wallet_deleted Deletion of the wallet
wallet_settings_changed Change of wallet settings

For each event the following information is available:

  • date and time of the event;
  • customer’s location at the time the event took place;
  • customer’s IP address;
  • info on the customer’s clipboard.

What to do if I’ve noticed a suspicious activity on my account?

If in the History section you’ve noticed events that were not initiated by you, and you suspect some stranger got access to your account, contact our client support team immediately.