How do I change my password?

  1. Go to Security section in your user account and select Change Password.
  2. Enter your old password and your new password in the corresponding input fields. Confirm your new password.
  3. Click Send Request.
  4. Change of password requires confirmation. We will send you a confirmation code via text message. Enter this code into the form and click Confirm.
    Your password will be successfully changed.
For security reasons, we recommend resetting your password from time to time. This will fortify the security system and minimize the risk of hacking your account.

How do I change my phone number?

  1. Go to Security section in your user account and select Change Phone Number.
  2. Enter your country code, area and telephone number in the corresponding input fields.
    Click Send Request.
  3. You’ll get immediate notifications both on your old and new phone numbers with confirmation codes, which you are to enter in the input field and click Confirm. On successful completion of this procedure, the phone number will be changed.

What are the account recovery settings?

You can set your account recovery settings in the Security section. These settings will be used in case you’ve lost the access to your phone used for your registration or verification in the system. For example, in case the telephone was stolen or lost.

We strongly recommend you to set the account recovery settings. If you fail to do that, we won't be able to help you recover your yorapid account in the case of emergency.

How do I set or change my account recovery settings?

  1. Go to Security section in your user account and select Account Recovery Settings. Choose the recovery mode: via text message or via email.
  2. Enter your email or telephone number correspondingly.
  3. On completion of your recovery settings, click Send Request. We’ll send a confirmation code to your email/phone provided.
  4. Enter the confirmation code in the input field and click Confirm. You recovery settings will be successfully saved and you will see them in Your Recovery Settings.
NB! The email address mustn’t be the one that you use to get your notifications. The phone number mustn’t be the one you use to get verified in the system. Make sure you enter the valid telephone number/email that you have access to.

What to do if I lost the access to my phone?

If you have your recovery settings set, contact the Support ASAP, notify them on your loss of the access to the telephone. Remember to provide the country code and the phone number you used for the registration.

Our support assistant will block your account so that nobody could use it until we recover it. Then we’ll send the checkup code to the telephone or email provided in the recovery settings. You are to send this code to our support. If it coincides with the code sent, we’ll change the phone number to the one provided in the recovery settings and unblock your account.

In case you have no recovery settings, we will be unable to recover your account.