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User Account

User Notification System

Our clients get notified about all the important events that happen in the system. That enables them to promptly react to the changes and take timely decisions.

Change of your Password and Phone Number, Account Recovery Settings

How do I change my password?

1) Go to Security section in your user account and select Change Password.

2) Enter your old password and your new password in the corresponding input fields. Confirm your new password.

3) Click Send Request.

How to Track Your User Account Activity?

To track your user account activity in yorapid system, go to User Account, History section. There you can find info on all the events, initiated by the customer.


We offer a public and private API which, when used, will allow you to get updates on trading data and currency rates as well as gain an interactive access to your trade account: create and cancel orders, inquire data about your current balance and deals performed.