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Jan 262015
The Bitcoin Traveller’s Guide to the Galaxy

Dear galaxy travellers, daredevils of the cosmic worlds, fearless explorers of new planets and inquisitive tourists who wish to sunbathe in the starlight of various planets and constellations! Our company, together with the best astronomers, astrologists, astrophysicists and travel agencies, have created a traveller’s guide for you to the galaxy travels using bitcoins.

If you are a proud owner of bitcoins, we’ll happily teach you how to always stay ready for a new travel adventure, how to enjoy your life to the full and spend your funds wisely.


Getting Ready to Set Off

Not all the planets have computers and internet at your disposal. In order not to run out of funds millions of kilometers away from home, we recommend you to acquire a paper Bitcoin wallet. Unless you are soaked to the skin, you’ll always have an access to your cryptocoins. Hence, you’ll remain solvent no matter what.

Nowadays more and more humanoids embrace the  idea of cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin in particular. It means you will never run out of possibilities to use your paper Bitcoin wallet. That is, provided your level of eloquence and luck is high enough, of course.


Planning a Trip

Not all the civilizations have worked out the legislation that covers cryptocurrency usage. Some have even outlawed Bitcoin. When planning your trip, try to be extremely careful in this respect so that not to get into trouble on some faraway planet.

Unfortunately, we do not possess ultimately comprehensive data on cryptocurrency loyalty of different planets, but we have mapped for you the most active Earth regions in terms of Bitcoin usage: And here you can find information on the legitimacy of Bitcoin in this or that particular country:

FYI: we strongly recommend you to make prior research concerning Bitcoin legitimacy on the planet of your destination so that you do not have to flee the hordes of enraged natives.


Booking the Accommodation and Transportation

When booking your space shuttle ticket, remember to check the weather and atmospheric conditions of the planet you are traveling to. Be really meticulous when choosing the hotel to stay at, in order not to end up in a hermetic cube with a vacuum inside. Luckily, there’s a wide variety of wonderful hotels and reliable transportation services that accept bitcoins. To make your reservations, you can use this site:


How Not to Starve to Death and Always Enjoy Your Meal

You can buy your food for bitcoins with the help of the following services:

We recommend to people with tender stomachs not to experiment with their food. Remember: something looking quite delicious might turn out to be the Prime Minister of some distant extraplanetary civilization. You’d better double check that!


Entertainment and Shopping

Even at the farthest points of the Galaxy you can pay for your services and goods with Bitcoin. Local transportation, apartments facing Saturn, back massages - take your pick! Nowadays, thousands of vendors process altcoin payments with the help of processing companies. You can easily locate those using the following services:

Too many to choose out of? The most popular site for Bitcoin travellers is –


How to Make Friends with Aliens

The best way to make alien natives happy is to present them with a little universal gift. You can find dozens of sites now that offer Bitcoin gift cards. These cards are accepted by the largest retail networks and they are really easy to fit into your luggage. You can buy Bitcoin gift cards with the help of the following service:

FYI: It’s not the best idea to present speaking fish with a sushi gift card!


How to Exchange Bitcoins into Another Currency

If you are not able to buy something with bitcoins in some part of the Galaxy, there’s always option to exchange your cryptocurrency into the local money at a favorable rate via ATMs. Try to choose the ATM for the transaction wisely since not all of them give out cash. The current  ATM map can be found here:

It’s a good idea to have some extra bitcoins on you since the exchange rate is subject to change.


If Nothing Worked Out

If you failed to spend or exchange your bitcoins, you can always use a mobile application to pay for the services or goods from a particular vendor. Just talk him into creating a Bitcoin wallet! The necessary funds can be immediately transferred from your wallet to his - it’s as simple as that!

To put this idea into practice, you need to download and install an application from the PlayStore (for Android) or the AppStore (for IOS). For example, Bitcoin Wallet or bitWallet. You can also try to hook some small business entrepreneurs. As we all know, business people love money - you only need to tell them how they can get more of it. You can find some useful information on how small businesses can process Bitcoin as payment here:,_for_small_businesses.  However, we do not recommend to use this method unless in case of a true emergency.


Regardless the kind of trip you have in mind, the team hopes that you’ll enjoy it to the most and, at the very least, won’t get eaten! And remember: if you spent all your funds in your trip you can always buy Bitcoins in