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Oct 202014
Lawyers Will Protect Bitcoin’s Legal Interests

Coin Centre is going to take up research and advocacy of digital currencies. The new organisation was launched with a comprehensive back up from bitcoin community.

The company is based in Washington, DC and already can boast many influential supporters, such as VC investor Marc Andreessen, SecondMarket chairman Barry Silbert, bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik to name just a few.

In an open letter to the community, Coin Center executive director Jerry Brito said, that the major goal of their company is to facilitate a constructive dialogue between legal regulators and bitcoin society, the dialogue, that may shape the future of crypto-currency usage both in the USA and abroad.

Brito, a former executive director and research fellow at Mercatus Center, wrote: “Digital currencies like Bitcoin will be an important part of our economy, and policymakers are now beginning to consider how to regulate their use. As a result, there is a need for an organization that can be a trusted and credible source of information about the regulatory implications of digital currencies. We seek to be that trusted and credible source.”


Support from the Stars

Together with Brito, Andreessen and Garzik, these are the following people on Coin Center board: angel investor Alex Morcos, Stanford professor and Ripple Labs advisor Susan Athey, Andreessen Horowitz general partner Balaji Srinivasan.

Coin Center got 1 million dollars as initial investitions. The organisation received funding from a variety of well-known bitcoin investors, companies and venture groups including:

  • Andreessen Horowitz

  • BitGo

  • BitPay

  • Coinbase

  • Hudson River Trading

  • itBit’s Charles Cascarilla

  • Liberty City Ventures’ Emil Woods

  • RRE Ventures

  • Union Square Ventures

  • Xapo

We believe, that our company has picked an impeccable timing in terms of its launch. It is right now, that the fate of bitcoins is being shaped. The governments and various regulators are trying to work out whether there is a need to control the new technology, as well as the ways of control that should be executed.


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