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Bitcoin, Litecoin, GHS Trading
& Bitcoin Mining

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Best prices
The Most Competitive Trading Prices in the Market
High Security of Payment and Trading Operations
Transparent Trading Procedures
Friendly Service and Professional Support

Decent World metaverse

trading commission
maintenance fee for 1 GHS per day
stop loss and take profit orders

Deposits & Withdrawals

Cryptocurrency Transfers
You can top up your yorapid balance via a direct transfer from your crypto-wallet to your yorapid wallet. LTC and BTC transfers are available. No verification is necessary for this kind of transaction. There is no limit on the amount transferred.
Fund Transfers Between Clients' Accounts
The system of internal fund transfers is available to our clients. You can transfer any currency to another yorapid user. There is no limit on the amount transferred.
Bank Transfers
You can deposit funds to your yorapid account or withdraw them to your bank account using direct bank transfers.

Useful Services

Unfunded Deals
At yorapid, the order payment value is only withdrawn when the order is closing. This work algorithm allows our clients to create both unfunded and funded orders with the total open orders sum bigger than that of the funds in the client's account.
Mining earnings and maintenance fee in any currency
You can receive your mining earnings or pay maintenance fees in any currency you like. The system creates an automatic order and converts the funds into the currency of your choice.
Stop Loss and Take Profit Orders
When creating an order, the trader can also create counter orders for higher/lower rates. These kinds of counter orders will be activated as soon as the main order is successfully closed and the exchange rate reaches the set value.

Security features for our clients

Two-factor authentication
yorapid uses a login and password along with a confirmation code to authenticate the identity of a user. These kind of approach prevent unauthorized access to your account.
Credit card payments with 3-D Secure
3-D Secure system is used as an additional level of credit and debit cards' safety protection, 2-factor client authentication.
Multi-signature addresses & transactions
We have introduced crypto-addresses and multi-signature transactions to ensure the ultimate level of security and unsurpassed protection of our clients' funds.
PCI DSS Certification

An International PCI DSS certificate ensures unconditional security and the safety of all the customers' personal data processing, fund storage and transfers.

Trading Overview

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Latest News

Jun 1, 2015
Trade Free on yorapid Until September!

Starting today, yorapid will have no trade fees!

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May 16, 2015
yorapid presents Bitcoin Debit Card

yorapid is proud to announce the official release of its Bitcoin Debit Card, the community's first true Crypto debit card, issued and processed by yorapid's bank partner. 

The yorapid Card can be used to shop online, pay for goods and services, and withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide using any of a user’s balances in the form of BTC, LTC, USD, EUR or GBP.

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